Men´s Cosmetics

The Men´s range exploits unique vegetable complex of natural extracts of traditional, mostly Czech, herbs ideal for specific needs of men. It is accompanied by compelling aroma.

Beer Cosmetics

Beer cosmetics is based on centuries-old tradition of the Czech beer, which is thanks to its exceptional quality generally recognized as the best in the world.


Sweet balm & thermal salt

Cosmetics is inspired by tradition and history of this famous spa town. Thermal spring salt cleanses skin, stimulates blood circulation, refreshes, regenerates, and refines skin in a very natural way.


Discover 7 magic tricks for your beauty in the tender daisy range: hydration – rejuvenation – firming – regeneration – calming – nourishment and brightening.


Violet Limited edition

Reveal the secret of the First Republic in the Viola limited colection and get youthful and velvet skin and sweet-smelling and smooth hair. Blissfulness guaranteed.


Visit MANUFAKTURA stores and experience a relaxing atmosphere with an emphasis on quality and tradition. Our stores are peaceful place where you can stop, take a breath and slow down. Historicist decorations, flowers and lovely fragrance will evoke pleasant atmosphere for your small home spa. Customer may await an original Czech cosmetics and accessories, friendly staff and the possibility of gift wrapping ...

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