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Liquid Gold for Beautiful Hair

Even though hair is often covered by headwear in winter, it is necessary to provide it with care it deserves. Do not allow frequent wearing of caps, frosty, cold and damp weather to damage your hair. Treat yourself to extra natural care with Dream Shampoo and strengthening hair mask containing true beer and show off with beautiful hair full of energy after taking off your stocking cap.

Beer cosmetics are inspired by rich tradition of Czech beer and they exploit its exceptionally beneficial effects. Beer is a rich source of all B vitamins, trace elements and minerals. It helps regenerate and calm skin, contributes to its rejuvenation, reduces hair breakage, strengthens hair and restores its natural shine. Quality and story of the ingredients are particularly important to us. Our beer cosmetic range contains “genuine beer” Ferdinand - pale lager 11° Max prepared by original more than 120-year-old unchanged methods in a beautiful Ferdinand brewery in Benešov.

Treat your hair to Dream Shampoo. Its formula combines natural ingredients tried and tested for hundreds of years with the newest cosmetic trends. It contains hydrating and calming hops and barley extracts, nourishing almond oil and natural caffeine, which perfectly stimulates hair growth. Seaweed extract ensures deep hydration and neutralizes hair static charge.

Dream Shampoo is exceptional also for extraordinarily delicate modern formula containing no SLES and silicones. Intensive rinse cure containing no silicones provides hair with an exclusive care full of natural ingredients for beauty and vitality. Other precious ingredients provide beneficial effects too: jojoba and almond oils, creatine and natural caffeine. Exceptional mask boosts hair strength, volume, elasticity and shine. It supports hair nourishment, healing, regeneration and shine.