Unique Activating Serum

Are you worried about hair loss? With exceptional activating serum, you can throw it over your head! Regular application will give you hair that will make you delight!

The unique hair serum with a high content of active substances supports hair growth and helps limit hair loss. Natural caffeine acts upon hair follicles actively, prolongs their lifespan and stimulates hair growth. The original Redensyl® complex with larch extract reactivates stem cells of hair follicles, stimulates hair growth, limits hair loss and when used regularly it has better results than a hair transplant (up to over 28,200 new hairs). Beer and hops extract calms the scalp, regenerates it and provides it with lightly stiffening effect. Creatine has revitalizing and hydrating qualities and increases hair volume.

How to use it?

Apply it to hair roots every day by means of the dispenser and massage it gently to the scalp. Ideal for everyday use; apply it in the evening after washing your hair.