Welcome spring with rhubarb

Nature is slowly waking up from hibernation and the soil is gradually warming up. One of the first plants that peep through the ground is probably rhubarb. For that reason it is often called the queen of spring vegetable. It is a source of a high amount of vitamins and minerals, brimming with vitamin A and B, calcium and magnesium giving energy and slowing down ageing. Rhubarb extract gives body and skin vitality, it nourishes, intensively hydrates, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. Wild cherry is a great companion of rhubarb. Also wild cherry extract has excellent anti-ageing, emollient and revitalizing effects, which potentiates the rhubarb effect. Perfect connection of the sweet taste of wild cherry and sparkling bitter rhubarb results in great confluence of scents and effects.

Equip yourself with new cosmetics for the forthcoming spring. The skin can be tired, dry and with no vitality after winter. Manufaktura products from the new limited edition of Rhubarb & Wild Cherry will provide your skin, hair, lips and face with needed hydration and regeneration and prepare them for the summer when your beauty will be shine.